Back To The Future With The Twin Paradox

As you walk along the striped pavements of your mortal existence, you sometimes get battered and dented by bad people such as hackers, impostors etc. If you are lucky to find yourself back in one piece, you might want to relieve some stress, possibly by watching an exciting wrestling match between “Joe Lionheart” vs “Ben Ironheart.”
For some more exciting action, you may even whiz off into time by considering a science fiction comedic boxing fight between “Evander Tyson” versus “Lennox Calzaghe” of the future…. zzzooom…biinnngggooo! This flight lands us back to my last blog concerning the possibility of time travel, which is a continuation of the series of the mysteries of eternity and relativity of time.

As a recap of previous posts, we began these series by discussing how all measurements in space-time are relative to the motion of light such that there is no absolute measurement of time. We also considered how the answer to the question ‘at what time?’ depends on the system we choose. That is, we can only answer when and where an event took place in terms of a definite moving system, or in terms of a relationship between two moving systems.
Everything in the universe is moving in space-time motion and when you think you are standing, you are actually spinning along with the earth but you are not conscious of the motion because everything around is relatively spinning. The changes that occur due to the motion is what makes you get older, which also makes some stars burn out in intensity and so on.

Likewise, the answer to the question of whether you are in the past, present, or future is also relative to your frame of reference in relation to the motion of light. For instance, if you use the United Kingdom as a frame of reference of the present state, then, the people in Japan would be considered to be in the near future while the regions in America are relatively in the near past. This is due to the fact that the people in the East are the first to see the light of the Sun in their space-time motion before it reaches other parts of the planet.
All movements and measurements in space-time are relative because the motion of light in space is like the motion of light outside the atomic nucleus, which is not uniformly distributed at the same frequency of the light inside the nucleus. Consequently, the only absolute frame of reference for time measurement is the ever-present realm of eternity where the light is uniformly distributed at the same frequency, which is just like the nuclear energy that uniformly fills the nucleus at the gamma ray frequency of radiation.

Let us also recall that every event that will occur or is occurring or would ever occur in the realm of time and space has already been determined in the higher realm of glorious beauty that is called eternity. Due to this reason, the entire realm of space and time is a playback of a portion of light that was unfolded out of eternity such that space-time is in the past relative to the ever-present realm of eternity. This can be understood from how the entire realm of space and time was once a part of the atomic nucleus before it was unfolded out of the nucleus through the “Big Bang” phenomenon. According to the big bang model, space, time, and matter simultaneously expanded from the nuclear energy of light into physical existence.
In view of above, if we consider the fact that the nuclear energy of light inside the atomic nucleus is super-compressed electromagnetic energy, it can easily be inferred that the speed of light inside the atomic nucleus has infinite potentials, which easily exceeds the speed of light outside the atomic nucleus. Moreover, objects that reveal the characteristics of an atomic nucleus also tend to exhibit amazing speed in their relative space-time motion in comparison with other bodies. A good example is the speed of a rotationally powered young pulsar that only emits gamma rays in form of a rapidly spinning and highly magnetized neutron star.

Furthermore, the carrier of the nuclear energy of light that comes from the atomic nucleus is the electron neutrino, whose ghost-like attributes are parallel to the Holy Ghost that conveys the light of the Godhead from eternity outside the nucleus. Due to this ghost-like nature of the electron neutrino, its speed is not impeded by electromagnetic interactions, as fully discussed in my book titled, “Unified Field Theory Confirmed With New Scientific Discoveries”.
As the carrier of nuclear energy outside the nucleus, the ghostlike nature of electron neutrino also has the tendency to exhibit the nature of the nuclear energy of light with a speed that exceeds the electromagnetic radiation outside the nucleus.

While examining “the possibility of time travel”, it was also established in my last blog that the ability to travel deeply into the past or far future is dependent on your ability to move faster than the speed of natural light. By attaining the speed of nuclear energy inside the nucleus, you could move faster into the past or future, which is parallel to the speed of light in the eternal realm where the past and future are irrelevant.
The word “Eternity” in the above context refers to the infinitely infinite realm of light, which is best understood in nature through the realm of light inside the atomic nucleus, which has infinite posibilities.
“Who only has immortality, dwelling in the light which no man approach unto: whom no man has seen, nor can see: to whom be honour and power everlasting.” (1Timothy 6:16)

Under the possibility of time travel, we also focused on how two prophets would be sent back into time from eternity during the Great Tribulation period in representative capacity of the Law and Prophets. However, their return to the eternity is a type of time travel that relatively goes back to the future, as depicted in some science fiction series such as “Dr Who” and “Back To The Future”.
In reality, a journey from the eternity into time and space is relatively a time-travel from the ever-present realm into the past while a journey from time back to eternity is relatively going back to the future if we consider the Earth as a reference point.

To remain in the present that is in touch with the future, you need to keep your pace with the speed of light in your space-time motion. To travel very far into the future, you might need to exceed the natural speed of light in your space-time motion. Similarly, to go deeply into the past, you would also need to exceed the natural speed of light, which would require that you travel in the opposite direction of the light that governs your space-time motion.

The physical changes that occur to a body during this space time motion is called ageing and the faster a body moves with the speed of the electromagnetic energy behind time motion, the less the frictional effect in form of extrinsic ageing. If you can move at the same pace with the speed of light, you would no longer be subjected to the effect of physical ageing. On the other hand, you cannot attain the speed of light without changing into a different state of energy.

With reference to the theory of relativity, the ‘Twin Paradox’ illustration of time dilation also teaches that time could be accelerated or reduced depending on the observer’s inertial frame of reference.
In accordance, it is also confirmed in the Bible that the days of the Great Tribulation period on Earth shall be dilated so that the elects can be saved (Matthew 24: 22).
“And except those days be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.”

This change due to acceleration or slowing down of a person’s inertial frame of reference relative to the speed of light is the change in space-time motion that is called dilation of time. For example, a twin in a space shuttle travelling at a speed that is close to the speed of light could return to the earth after six months and find her twin sister forty years older in age while she is just only six months older. As a result, the duration of the event that looks like six months in the sight of the Astronaut twin traveling close to the speed of light could be forty years from the perception of her twin sister that was moving with the pace of the Earth’s velocity in her space-time motion. Hence, the dilation process that slows the rate of time simultaneously reduces the effect of ageing.

A simpler interpretation of this twin paradox theory of relativity implies that the faster your ability to travel from the Earth towards the height of eternity, the less you would experience the effect of physical ageing because you would be travelling almost at the same pace with the speed of light.
This is due to the fact that the closer you attain the speed of light in your new inertial frame such as the space shuttle, the less the effect of ageing in comparison with the person you left behind on the Earth, which was your previous inertial frame of reference.

In view of above, all definitions of time are relative to a particular frame of reference such that there is no absolute measurement of time motion without a reference to another moving system. Therefore, what looked like seven days before God in the creation story of Genesis could relatively have taken seven thousand years in the sight of another observer on Earth.

‘But beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.’ (2Pet. 3: 8)

We shall consider the cause and effect of physical ageing in subsequent blog posts. Stay tuned….

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